What to Wear with a Cast

May 24, 2016


In March I broke my foot in Tae-kwon-do... not a great start to my spring. When I google what to wear with a cast I did not get a lot of good ideas. Now that I have been in my cast for 8 weeks I figured I would share some of my wisdom.

1. Get a good back pack. You can’t carry much with your stupid crutches so this will be critical. I found I like one with a pocket on the side that I can put my keys in while the backpack is on. I also liked having another side pocket I could put a soda in.


2. If you are female I suggest wearing jog bras instead of a normal bra. There is a lot of hopping and the crutches can dig into your side which can dig into to regular bras. Jog bras have been a savior so far.


3. Even though I got one of those awesome knee scooters I still needed my crutches quite a bit. So I suggest tee shirts with longer sleeves. Shorter sleeves bunch up in your arm pits and the rubber from the crutch rubs on your arm...ouch. I went to Kohl's and bought these elbow length tee shirts.

 They are great for breathing in the heat and layer if your are cold.  At first I tried button up shirts but they gap a lot in the front while walking on crutches.  

I paired these tops with pajama bottoms that had a lot of Lycra stretch and pull right up over my cast.  That is important to me because I have a pin sticking out the bottom of my foot and if the pants pull on the cast it pushes on my pin...YUCK.  I purchase most of my pants though TJMAXX ,Marshes, or Walmart.

 TJMAXX, and Marshalls had the pants from $7.00 -$12.00.  Walmart has their Secret Treasures Essentials Women's Sleep Pants for about $9.98.  They even have petite sizes which work better for me.

If I wanted a more fitted pant I wore my Victoria Secret Classic Yoga Pant .

  The only issue is these have to be put on more slowly as they are a little tighter and can pull on the cast.  If I needed to dress up for work I would wear any of these sets and add a blazer or a cardigan.


4. Lastly my shoes need to be good for hopping yet comfy.  I chose my favorite sneaker which is the Sketcher Go Walk.  I used a grey shoe and a black so it would go with everything :)


 I hope this helps you if you find yourself in this horrible situation and that this little guide helps you prepare for an easy go of it. :)


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