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The imaginative passion that sculpts Piper Cason’s work has convinced her audience that classy stones are hip! Natural forces reveal themselves through Piper’s use of earth’s elements. She selects stones that reflect the earth and unites hip with edge creating pieces that mirror our surroundings.


Organic urban chic...

The individuality of each piece creates a mood and develops a personality illustrated by the unique structure and color of each stone. Like her accomplished predecessors, Piper is dedicated to applying originality to her work by hand picking each stone. A willingness to take risks engaged with a range of expressive possibilities, each piece is a fashioned original with its own individual design. As one piece is completed, several other pieces evolve from visions of what she could have done differently. Continuous research ensures her art maintains a progressive face. Rarely are there ever two pieces exactly alike. The abstract collection of stones allows her quest for authenticity to be expressed. Piper is able to communicate her individuality through each piece giving a voice to the gift she has been given to share with you.  


St. Louis, MO 63146


Tel: 314-680-7166


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