Make your short dress\skirt work appropriate

November 6, 2015

I had an ah ha moment recently. I have all these amazing dresses that look so nice and they fit perfect except the length is a little off.  It fits great when I'm standing still but as soon as i walk the dress or skirt becomes an inappropriate length (thanks short legs).  That means I can spend all day long pulling the skirt down :( no fun.  Sooooooo I came up with a great idea of layering my skirts and its opened up a whole new world.  I got some new funky skirts to add to the mix and its been great. Here is an example of one i wore to work.  I layered a forever 21 mesh skirt under my H&M (beetlejuice) dress and it was pure gold.

Forever 21 Mesh Skirt

Simular H&M dress

Here are other skirts I got to do the same thing.

BELLE + SKY™ Perforated Midi Skirt

Forever 21 Eyelash Lace-Hem Pencil Skirt

Forever 21 Contemporary Fringed Pencil Skirt


Photo credits to my daughter!


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