Unicorn Slumber Party

April 15, 2016

i have been home with a broken foot so i have been keeping myself busy with stuff.  First it was my daughter's birthday so I had to get a unicorn slumber pulled together right after surgery. That was fun and tricky but i pulled it off.  

First I made the sleep masks invitations:


 I used 3 layers, Scrapbook paper for the print, Construction paper for the middle and regular printer paper for the info top layer. Once all glued together i cut ribbon and sewed it on for the ties.... Done


Then it was party day I had several Unicorn related things lined up.  I had to hold back on some of the decorations since hopping around and my limiting knee scooter only allowed me to do so much.

TT wanted rainbow decorations so this is what i got.  

I got the little buckets at the dollar store which was 3 for $1.  Not bad.  

I put together a few fun buckets of Unicorn Fur (cotton candy)and Rainbow Rays (rainbow twizzlers) I would have like to spend a little more time on them but the girls did not care.

 We also had Unicorn horns (twisty lollipops) 

 The unicorn cake was sort of what i wanted.  I was hoping for a much fuller mane with different textures but it was well worth  the price which was $30.  Considering everyone else wanted to charge me $60 on up.  I used the lollipop for the horn.


 The party hats i made into unicorn hats for all the girls and they were a hit.

 Even the dog got into it :)

 After the girls stayed up till 1am we got up in the morning and ate donuts and cake :)  and started on Unicorn Poop cookies.

I got 3 Pillsbury sugar cookie dough tubes and cut them all in half.  I gave the girls bowls food dye and rubber gloves and told them to mix it all up with their hands.  They really liked that and it kept them busy.

Once it was all mixed I had them all take a little from each color and roll them into snakes and make poop  on the tins.   I also gave them all kinds of sprinkles to add to their poop creations.

They did  a great job.







Now, I think that I should have refrigerated them before i cooked them then maybe they would have kept their shape.  But I didn't have time so I just cooked them.  So I got more of a unicorn cow pie then a chunky poop. They were pretty tasty!



I also bought pin the horn on the unicorn for a few extra laughs.  

 I also bought a bunch of white pillowcases along with some fabric markers for them to draw on.  I originally wanted them to color in a iron on unicorn but they came in too late for that.  

This was what i was going to have them color in incase you are interested:

 Zendoodle Unicorn

 Instead i gave them all the pillowcase to draw on an sign and they loved that just as much.


For their gift buckets they got poppers, and silly string for "rainbow wars" which they really had fun outside running and screaming.



They also got Air Head rainbow xtremes,

 and a bunch glow sticks for them to play with in the dark.

Lastly, i created little unicorn horn necklaces  on a ribbon for the girls that were a hit. I enjoyed making them so much i now sell them on Etsy.  




 Well I hope you enjoyed all this info on the Unicorn Party.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.  


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